Nationality Italian
Origin Italia
Year 2008
Photography Color
Shooting format HDV
Type 35mm
Length 82’

Director Stefano Tummolini
Screenplay Stefano Tummolini
in collaboration with
Antonio Merone
Produced by Angelo S. Draicchio
Production company RIPLEY’S FILM
Press office Marzia Milanesi
Cast Antonio Merone - Salvatore
Lucia Mascino - Daniela
Francesco Grifoni - Cristiano
Chiara Francini - Stella
Tiziana Avarista - Eva
Saschat - Raffaele
Francesco Zecca - Massimiliano
Michele D’Aiello - boy
Mario Grossi - Pino
Technical Cast  
Original music Francesco Maddaloni
Photography, editing Raoul Torresi
Editing supervisor Bruno Sarandrea
Set and costume designer Federico Polucci
Dylan Tripp
Assistant Director Mattia Betti
Sound Nicola D’Aquaro
Music supervisor Fabio Venturi
Sound editing Angelo Mignogna
Camera assistants Elisa Biagini,
Roberta Lustro,
Maria Novella Fabiano


One summer morning, Salvatore is crossing the sand dunes heading towards the beach, savouring some quiet time in the sun. Suddenly he stops in his tracks and takes in the beauty of the sea melting into the brilliant blue of the sky far out on the horizon. Little does he know this will be a day unlike any other. Salvatore will soon find himself involved in the life and dramas of a peculiar group of people. Though unwillingly, he will face up to the ghosts of his past, labour to regain his peace of mind and possibly open up a whole new life.


Production notes

Shot in HDV in roughly one week, Un altro pianeta was produced without state funding or economic assistance and is the result of the enthusiasm and collective participation of the entire cast and crew as well as many people who, in various ways and times, gave their assistance or precious advice.
The same goes for the post production, from HDV to HDCAM to the 35mm negative and the post production of the soundtrack, which was extremely delicate and costly. Without the help of many technicians who were repared to work for minimum wages, the production of the film would not have been possible.



Francesco Maddaloni composed and arranged the original soundtrack for Un altro pianeta. Francesco is a 25 year-old composer from Naples and this is his first film soundtrack. The film’s radiophonic music is original as well, in line with the overall approach to a low-budget film. The music varies between electronic sound and bossa nova, portraying the very essence of the characters who directly interact with it, either by stopping it or by starting a tune that somehow talks about them.
Special mention is to be made of songs such as When I’m asleep and Non sarò mai una sirena, the minimal ballad sung by Leopoldo Mastelloni and written by Francesco Maddaloni and Stefano Tummolini. Attilio Caminiti’s Skaboom e ‘sta domina are also featured in the film’s music which is further enriched – at the end – by the extraordinary performance of Mediterranea by Giuni Russo. It is a live recording with an original arrangement which Maria Antonietta Sisini and Sugar Music have kindly given permission to reproduce.

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